Whatever happened to Scala GWT?

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Whatever happened to Scala GWT? Ben Hutchison 8/14/12 4:48 AM
Back in April, Scala GWT creator Grzegorz presented to a full house at
Scaladays [http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/scala/scala-javascript-gwt].
We learned that basically the whole of the Scala language and core
libraries could be compiled to Javascript via GWT. Which is pretty

At that stage, imminent release milestone 0.1 was to have "full
language support"

But the 0.1 release never happened. In fact, basically nothing more
happened. Not even an explanation of why suddenly everything stalled.

Since April anyone who posted message to the group, got no answer. The
project just ... stopped.

Like me, you might already believe that most desktop applications of
tomorrow will run in the browser; that Javascript has been accurately
described as the "assembly language of the internet";.and that the
reason rich clients frameworks like Swing are fading is because most
users, and devs, prefer the portability and on-demand installation
offered by browser-based apps.

... and like me, you might be wondering: what is the plan for
programming the browser with Scala?

Re: [scala-debate] Whatever happened to Scala GWT? nafg 8/14/12 6:50 PM
I think the developer got busy trying to keep scala 2.10 on track.
Re: [scala-debate] Whatever happened to Scala GWT? Grzegorz Kossakowski 9/21/12 5:29 AM
Hi Ben,

Sorry for the late response. Yes, I was the main developer of Scala+GWT and I got busy with other stuff. I had to graduate (June), then I joined Typesafe and moved. I was busy since then helping to 2.10.0 out which was a higher priority on my list than Scala+GWT development. I was also busy with other stuff (startup life) which left no time for Scala+GWT development or even following the list. These days it got a lot better and I started to follow scalagwt list again. In 3-4 weeks I'll have a bit more time so I can help with Scala+GWT coding.

It's unfortunate that the whole development stalled when we were so close to 0.1 release but that's rather typical situation on projects that are ran all by volunteers.

Grzegorz Kossakowski

Re: [scala-debate] Whatever happened to Scala GWT? Adam Jorgensen 9/23/12 10:03 PM
And even more so when the number of volunteers is between 0 and 2, not inclusive :-)