rake spec w/rspec-rails

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rake spec w/rspec-rails darrinholst 12/30/11 12:48 PM
I have a rails 3.1 app using rspec-rails. Turnip features don't seem
to be running when using 'rake spec'. Running rspec directly works.
I'll dig into it if nobody has anything of the top of their heads.

Re: rake spec w/rspec-rails darrinholst 12/31/11 6:31 AM
I guess rspec-rails defines all the spec tasks and it appears
RSpec::Core::RakeTask doesn't look at the RSpec.configure.pattern
(just used for the cli?). I added a new task for my acceptance tests
and added that to the default...

namespace :spec do
  desc "Run all acceptance specs"
  RSpec::Core::RakeTask.new(:acceptance => 'db:test:prepare') do |t|
    t.pattern = "**/*.feature"

Maybe we need a turnip-rails ;)
Re: [turnip] Re: rake spec w/rspec-rails jnicklas 1/2/12 9:35 AM
That's pretty dumb, it should probably be fixed inside RSpec. You
could file an issue at their tracker.