load balancer on complete_unicorn_nginx_postgresql

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load balancer on complete_unicorn_nginx_postgresql Thimios Dimopulos 4/1/13 12:19 PM
Hi all,

I am using the latest stable rubber version and the default complete_unicorn_nginx_postgresql template. I understand that there is no haproxy anymore in this template.

Does this mean that nginx is the load balancer on this template?

I started with one instance with roles web, app, web_tools and one instance with role: db:primary=true. When I added another instance of role app, it seems not to be receiving any requests (I monitor all app instances on newrelic).

Do I need to add the haproxy role in order to be able to add more app instances to the cluster? Is there another point I am maybe completely missing?

Thanks a lot,

Re: load balancer on complete_unicorn_nginx_postgresql Gordon McNaughton 4/1/13 8:04 PM
Hi Thimios,

Not sure my experience translates 100% (I'm using passenger instead of unicorn), but I dropped haproxy in favor of an ELB (Amazon Elastic Load Balancer).  It's straightforward to set up, though instances have to be added manually.

The setup looks like this:
Requests hit the ELB, which forwards them to nginx on a [web,app] instance.  nginx passes the request to passenger on the same instance.

This is not ideal -- the web and app tiers are running on the same instances -- but it seems to work!

Hope that helps,
Re: load balancer on complete_unicorn_nginx_postgresql Thimios Dimopulos 4/2/13 8:26 AM
Hi Gordon,

thanks a lot for your reply. I would prefer to avoid setting up ELB and rather follow the standard rubber way if it provides a load balancer. It is unclear to me how to do a simple multiinstance setup.

I am using the complete_unicorn_nginx_postgresql template and I would like to have one instance running the database and two instances running the app. 

What roles should I give to them to have that simple setup? Do I need to additionally vulanize with the haproxy template in order to have a load balancer? 

Does anyone have such a setup running and could recommend the appropriate roles?

thanks a lot!


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Re: load balancer on complete_unicorn_nginx_postgresql Gabriel Cebrian 4/6/13 4:02 PM
Hi Thimios,

I am stuck on this just like you. I actually added web: [haproxy] to my rubber-complete file and deployed a web role box but I cannot get the web box to work.

Any ideas on this is appreciated.

Re: load balancer on complete_unicorn_nginx_postgresql Thimios Dimopulos 4/7/13 2:27 AM
I decided not not use haproxy but elb. I created:

* ALIAS=db01 ROLES="db:primary=true" cap rubber:create
* ALIAS=app01,app02 ROLES=web,app cap rubber:create

I created an ELB and added the two instances manually to it