reCaptcha not displaying in Chrome or IE

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reCaptcha not displaying in Chrome or IE Collin Ferguson 9/6/12 7:53 AM
Hi All,

Today I had an issue with my php based reCaptcha form not appearing AT ALL in Google Chrome and IE9 (I didn't bother to test other versions of IE).

Turns out the client is using SSL (You can determine if your site is using SSL by looking at the URL, if it is led with https it is using SSL. If it is led with http, it's not.)

If you are using SSL, line 106 of recaptchalib.php needs to be modified from -

function recaptcha_get_html ($pubkey, $error = null, $use_ssl = false)

To this:

function recaptcha_get_html ($pubkey, $error = null, $use_ssl = true)

That fixed the issue for me!