The Fast Folk Cafe Schedule (NYC) - Updated 2/6/97

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The Fast Folk Cafe Schedule (NYC) - Updated 2/6/97 2/7/97 12:00 AM

The Fast Folk Cafe           mailing address:  Fast Folk Cafe
41 North Moore Street                          525 East 82nd Street
New York, New York 10013                       New York, New York 10028
telephone: (212) 274-1636
   The Fast Folk Cafe is New York City's newest venue for live acoustic
music.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, send your
email or snail mail address to for inclusion.
   In addition to the shows listed below, there is an open mike on
Tuesday nights.  Signup is at 6pm and the music begins at 6:30pm.
A songwriter's exchange also takes place most Mondays.
   For all performances listed below, there is one show at 7:30pm,
a $10 contribution and the venue is non-smoking.  Tickets are on sale
from 6pm on.  Advance tickets can also be purchased at shows.
   The cafe is in Tribeca.  It is located three blocks south of Canal
Street and the Holland Tunnel exit, just east of Hudson Street.  By
subway, take the #1 to the Franklin Street station or the A/C/E to
the Canal Street stop.
   Fast Folk is an all-volunteer operation.  Associated with Fast Folk
in the past have been such people as John Gorka, Christine Lavin,
Suzanne Vega and Shawn Colvin.
   The Fast Folk Musical Magazine includes a CD of over a dozen singer-
songwriter cuts with each issue.  7 issues, including 7 CDs, is $49.
To order the magazine and CDs by credit card you can call 1-800-PRIME-CD
   Fast Folk is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under Section
501(c)(3) as a not-for-profit organization.  Donors may deduct contributions
that are made to us under the IRS code.  We actively solicit your support.
Your employer may also have matching grants that will increase the amount
of your contribution at no additional cost to you.
   Contributors of a minimum of $50 will be considered members of The Cafe.
You will have input if you wish into our booking decisions.  We are also
working with record companies to provide sampler CDs to our members at no
cost to you.  For higher levels of membership ($100, $150, $250, $500, $1000)
we are working out additional benefits.
   We are also developing special business/corporate memberships.  Please
contact us about how we can work together to both build your business and
build The Cafe if this applies to you.
   Please send your contributions to us at the address above.
 Fri  2/07 Christian Bauman/Hugh Blumenfeld
 Sat  2/08 Karen Savoca & Pete Heitzman/The Sloan Wainwright Band
 Fri  2/14 Kenn Lowy/Stephen Nystrup/Martha Schuyler Thompson
 Sat  2/15 Carol Lipnik/Linda Sharar
 Wed  2/19 Pinewoods-Fast Folk Monthly Traditional Music Open Mike * $5 *
 Thu  2/20 James Keelaghan/David Massengill plus Gregg Cagno
 Fri  2/21 Margo Hennebach/The Marys
 Sat  2/22 Eric Garrison/Joe Giacoio
 Fri  2/28 Richard Shindell * $15 *
 Sat  3/01 Electric Bonsai Band/Jennifer Kimball (Of The Story) &
              Larry John McNally * $15 *
 Wed  3/05 Mary Ellen Bernard/Common Cents/Barbara St. John
 Thu  3/06 Lisa Gutkin Trio
 Fri  3/07 Lydia Adams Davis/Bob Hillman/The Wiggins Sisters
 Sat  3/08 David Brown/Grant King/Melinda Di Maio
 Wed  3/12 Tom Russell plus Marge Calhoun * $15 *
 Thu  3/13 Poor Old Horse
 Fri  3/14 Eddy Lawrence/Cosy Sheridan/Hans Theessink
 Sat  3/15 Michael Smith & Anne Hills
 Wed  3/19 Pinewoods-Fast Folk Monthly Traditional Music Open Mike * $5 *
 Fri  3/21 Toby Fagenson/Bob Malenky/Laura Wetzler
 Sat  3/22 Salamander Crossing plus Deb Pasternak
 Fri  3/28 Peter Keane/Bill Parsons/Kevin So
 Wed  4/02 Roger Gillen/The Nudes
 Thu  4/03 Barry McGuire ("Eve Of Destruction") * First NYC Club Date in
              30 Years * /Terry Talbot (Of Mason Proffit)   Tickets are
              available now at Fast Folk or by mail.  No telephone
              reservations for this show.  * $25 *
 Fri  4/04 Bill Christophersen & James Reams Reunion/
              Barry & Holly Tashian * $15 *
 Sat  4/05 Adrian Legg * $15 *
 Thu  4/10 Jim Infantino/Rod MacDonald
 Wed  4/16 Pinewoods-Fast Folk Monthly Traditional Music Open Mike * $5 *
 Fri  4/18 Susan Fiering/Richard Meyer/Eric Wood
 Sat  4/19 Chuck Brodsky/David Hamburger/Erica Wheeler
 Wed  4/23 Guy Davis/Rick Nestler/Rik Palieri
 Fri  4/25 Bob Malone/Tamara/Jeff Tarayla
 Thu  5/01 Groovelily
 Sat  5/10 Lucy Kaplansky * $15 *
 Sat  5/17 Water Sign
 Wed  5/21 Pinewoods-Fast Folk Monthly Traditional Music Open Mike * $5 *
 Sat  6/28 Carol Elliott/Buddy Mondlock/Greg Trooper