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  This article is taken from the Feb '96 edition of 'Fighters, incorperating Kickboxing News' and describes the first official shootfighting event to be
staged in Great Britain;

  Roundhouse Promotions has promoted yet another Fighting Arts Gala. The show kicked off at Stantonbury Leisure Centre (in Militon Keynes) on
15th October, 1995.  Roundhouse Promotions give Kickboxers/ Shootfighters the chance to project their talents in a professional and entertaining way.
This was one of Roundhouse Promotions smaller shows which was still a major success in drawing over 600 spectators.
   The show consisted of a variety of styles: The UK's first Shootfight Challenge, Kickboxing, Thaiboxing, Karate and Ladies' Kickbox.
  The main events featured the NEW explosive art of Shootfighting which is big in Holland, USA and Japan with fighters like Ken Shamrock, Bas
Rutten, Maurice Smith, Rickson Gracie and Dick Vrij all fighting in top shoot circuits. Below is a brief guide to the rules:
     - All matches must have Referees, Judges, Timekeepers, Doctors and the Red Cross.
     - Contests are fought over three minute rounds.
     - No punching to the head. [although open-handed strikes are permitted]
     - All normal kickboxing kicks and knees, throws , groundfighting with submission allowed.
     - Judgement is by KO, TKO, three rope escapes, submission or br referees discretion.
     - The full rules are available from the All Shoot Organisation (UK).
     - The contestants must wear shin or insteps, knee pads, lycra shorts or kickboxing shorts, shoot mitts are optional.


Topping the Shootfighting bill was MK's very own Kickboxing Champion, Lee Hasdell, at 95k, from Milton Keynes' No.1 gym Roundhouse Private
Gym. Lee was up against  Boston Jones, at 100k the Freestyle Wrestling Champion all the way from the USA.
  This contest was a big test for ex-kickboxer Lee Hasdell, with Hasdell being a striker and Jones the grappler. The pre-fight hype was very big with
Jones stating: "The fight will be very quick, don't blink I will put Lee into retirement, he's not good enough to fight under grappling rules, I will win
in Round One".
  But unknown to Jones, Hasdell has been training secretly in the grappling arts for two years, and says "I am now ready, do not underestimate my
fighting system (KUSALA)".
     Round 1:   As the fight got under way Hasdell started with his powerful kicks, one of which connected to the head of Jones openning a small cut.
But Hasdell made the mistake of letting Jones catch the leg and being taken down. Much to the favour of Jones, they say most fights last about 30
seconds before the fighters go to the ground.
  Jones put Hasdell in a choke hold but just when the fight looked over Hasdell pulled off a very skilful reversal and got back to his feet. Hasdell looked
very confident and it was obvioushe had excellent grappling skills.
  The fight then went back to the ground from which Jones pulled off a spectacular suplex, once again Hasdell looked to be finished, recieving the refs
count, but was up on the eight count, then to Hasdell's joy the bell rang. Jones' round one prediction was over!
     Round 2 :    Back into clinching with Hasdell pulling off another great escape and throw. By this time Jones was bleeding from a cut to the head,
the ref had no choice but to stop the fight.
   Hasdell had proved his critics wrong and showed he is probably one of the best Shootfighters in the UK. Hasdell wins by T.K.O. in round 2.


  The second Shootfight of the night featured Gene Philips, from Roundhouse Gym, and Rob Harris,  the Samba [SP! should be Sambo] Wrestling
expert from Wolverhampton.
   A very close contest with Gene surviving the very good submission techniques of Harris. Then Gene came back scoring points with striking
techniques of which Harris was quite limited. Gene won by points decision. The crowd were very impressed by both the fighters performance.
  Ron Harris has just opened a new Shootfighting Club in Wolverhampton and also teaches Samba [Sambo!] Wrestling  in the University. These will
be names to watch out for in the future of British Shootfighting.

  Also on the bill were:

     Thai -  Gary Hyrons (Kusala, Milton Keynes) v Rob Thompson (Spirit of Siam, Corby)  Thompson won on points.
     F/C -  Jamie Burgess (Kusala, Milton Keynes) v Graham Reeves (Tottenham K/B)  Reeves won by KO.
     Thai - Michael Sampson (KO Gym, London) v David Adams (Spirit of Siam, Corby)  Sampson won by KO.
     Thai - Greig Overton (Kusala, Milton Keynes) v Tony Hayes (Bromham Thai, Croydon) Overton won.
     Thai - Martin Smith (Cobra Gym, London) v Gerald Coalville (Duxford Gym, Duxford) Coalville won by TKO.

  Unfortunatly Lee Golding's opponent Steve Jones did not turn up.

  Roundhouse Promotions are looking for fighters of all styles to compete in future promotions. For further details on training, competing or any other
info, please contact Melissa Morris of Roundhouse Promotions or Mr.Hasdell on 01908 227757 (UK number)

 Finally, some points I would like to add for myself! Firstly, In my opinion both of the above fight description are very vague, I am told that a video of
this event has been made and is likely  to be released. From study of the fights it would be possible to realise that far more occurs than the above report
describes. Most importantly was the fact that Rob Harris gained two ring submissions in his bout against Gene, which should have made it impossible
for Gene to win when the fight went to a points seems the referee and judges simply forgot! Secondly, the Referee in the Harris/Phillips
fight had only ever had experiance in refereeing kickboxing bouts, and failed to recognise any of the ground submissions that Rob was applying. As a
consequence he was constantly interfering with the action on the ground...even though he had been briefed not to before the fight. Since this event Lee
Hasdell and Roundhouse Promotions have decided to look for better Shootfighting experianced referees. I would also like to add that Rob Harris is
definately not limited in his striking ability, but rather it was his intention to use his overwhelming superiority in groundfighting to it's maximum
advantage, considering the time restrictions placed on the bouts.
   The number of fighters engaged in the British circuit is increasing slowly, with approx 8 fighters divided between Lee's Kusala Gym and Rob's Shoot
Gym in Wolverhampton. However, there is still a very weak response from anywhere else in the country (dispite a number of people claiming to teach
'shoot'). Most disapointing in my eyes is the behaviour of Steve Jones, a self professed 'Shoot and Thai Master' who had the lack of pride and courage
to fail to appear for his fight.
    Further news to follow.

             Andy Davis

UK SHOOTFIGHTING NEWS Gadfly326 1/27/96 12:00 AM

>But unknown to Jones, Hasdell has been training secretly in the grappling
arts >for two years, and says **"I am now ready, do not underestimate my
>fighting system (KUSALA)".**

I think Hasdell must have watched one too many cheesy MA flicks...
I wonder how KUSALA would fare against SAFTA (TM) or Joe-Son-Do (C)?!

UK SHOOTFIGHTING NEWS Andy 1/30/96 12:00 AM (Gadfly326) wrote:

---This was a mistake on the part of the 'Fighters' journalist! 'Kusala'
is the name of Lee's gym in Milton Keynes (UK) and NOT the name of his
style. Lee trains fighters in Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Shootfighting,
he is about as different from the likes of Hess or Son as you can get.
  Lee's "secret" grappling training was nothing more than mix of Judo
and submission wrestling, coupled with specific shootfighting training.
           Andy Davis