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Buzz Aldrin's New SF Novel Website Robert Pearlman 8/23/96 12:00 AM

Contact:  Robert Pearlman, On-Line Manager
voice:    (202) 543-1900

The National Space Society, in cooperation with Time Warner Publications
and StarCraft Enterprises, Inc., is pleased to announce...

The Official Buzz Aldrin Web Site

Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut and Chairman of the National Space
Societys Board of Directors, is pleased to unveil his official web site.  The
site features information about  Aldrins newest venture with award-winning
science-fiction writer, John Barnes -- Encounter With Tiber.  At the site,
you will find excerpts, internet links, and images from the science fiction
novel, as well as information about Dr. Aldrin and Dr. Barnes -- including
where you can possibly meet them in-person.

In addition, Books (, the worlds largest
bookstore, is providing a secure connection where you can purchase copies of
Encounter With Tiber on-line at discounted prices and while there, enter to
win a one-year membership with the National Space Society (no purchase
necessary to win; full details at the site).

Coming soon, the site will include Buzz Aldrins personal views on the latest
Mars life findings as well as his own ideas on how we should get there and
establish a manned settlement.  You can download an exclusive animation clip
from Aldrins own ideas of an Earth/Mars craft (as described in Men From
Earth, Dr. Aldrins second non-fiction novel).

The National Space Society (NSS) is a grassroots pro-space organization with
over 25,000 members in the United States and throughout the world.  Founded
over 20 years ago, it is the oldest active pro-space group in America,
advocating people living and working in thriving communities beyond the
Earth.  The Society provides ongoing public education on space activities
through the bi-monthly Ad Astra magazine, an annual international space
development conference and other programs.  NSS also hosts the Space
Exploration On-line forum on America Online (keyword:  space) and publishes
several World Wide Web pages at (

Robert Z. Pearlman            202-543-1900
Online Manager, National Space Society <>
Vice Chair, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space-USA
President, Maryland Students for the Exploration&Development of Space