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Movie tickets on sale now Fanime con 8/27/97 12:00 AM

Tickets for both Fanime Con Movie Premiers are on sale now
at Nikaku Animart.

Armitage III: Polymatrix will be shown in Dolby SR(tm) at
11:30 pm on Saturday, Sept 6 at the Towne Theater.

On Saturday, Sept. 13th, we will be showing a double feature
of Tenchi Muyo In Love and Catnapped at 11:00am in the Towne
Theater. Both films will also be shown in Dolby SR(tm)

Everyone who buys a ticket in advance gets the cool program
that was handed out for the premier of TMiL in Japan. These
are going fast, so don't delay.

For more information about this event and other events that
Fanime Con sponsers, please check out our web page at