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ABORT restart cl.tes...@gmail.com 12/20/12 2:37 PM
Quicklisp installs ABORT restart during QL:QUICKLOAD.

I have strange behaviour. ECL 93be6ce0 can not compile swank, which comes with quicklisp 2012-11-25 (slime-20121125-cvs).

When I do (ql:quickload :swank)

;;; Internal error:
;;;   ** Error code 1 when executing
;;; (RUN-PROGRAM "gcc" ("-I." "-I/home/testgrid/lisps/ecl-bin/include/" "-D_GNU_SOURCE" "-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64" "-g" "-O2" "-fPIC" "-D_GNU_SOURCE" "-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64" "-g" "-O2" "-fPIC" "-D_THREAD_SAFE" "-Dlinux" "-O2" "-w" "-c" "/home/testgrid/.slime/fasl/2012-11-23/ecl-12.7.1-93be6ce0-linux-pentium3/swank-ecl.c" "-o" "/home/testgrid/.slime/fasl/2012-11-23/ecl-12.7.1-93be6ce0-linux-pentium3/swank-ecl.o"));;
;; Error while compiling /home/testgrid/quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/software/slime-20121125-cvs/swank-ecl.lisp:
;;   COMPILE-FILE returned NIL.
;; Aborting.

No serious conditions is signalled. How it works:

(ql:quickload) loads swank.asd
swank.asd uses swank-loader::init.
swank-loader::init invokes (abort) in case of compilation errors.
ql:quickload aborts loading silently

How the ABORT restart is intended to be used in Quicklisp?
Should swank-loader use another way of handling compilation errors?

Best regards,
- Anton
Re: [quicklisp] ABORT restart Zach Beane 12/21/12 7:03 AM
The ABORT restart in quickload is to let the user stop trying to load a
given system. If I remember correctly, in ASDF, component failure often
includes a number of options like "Try to load again" and "Treat it like
it was successful" and I wanted a clearly-labeled restart that said
"Give up on loading 'foo'".

I don't really know if using CL:ABORT is a bad idea, though.