virtualenv on OS X with pythonw

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virtualenv on OS X with pythonw LarryM 9/25/08 8:23 AM
Has anyone developed an easy fix to enable GUI code to run under
virtualenv?  I found a rather involved fix in a message by Robert Kern
(, but it would be nice
if there was a way to automate the process.

Re: virtualenv on OS X with pythonw gldnspud 11/7/08 10:36 AM
Here's a first stab at some automation for this:

Download a tarball from:

I'm not going to do anything more with it at this point, since I have
it integrated with my own hackery that I use to create and manage
virtualenv environments, but perhaps someone else could take this and
integrate it into virtualenv itself for Ian to review for a future
virtualenv release.

Thanks to Robert Kern for the original post that gave an overview of a
usable solution!