Announce: Hiera 1.1.2 available

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Announce: Hiera 1.1.2 available Matthaus Litteken 12/27/12 10:57 AM
Hiera 1.1.2 is a bugfix release in the 1.x series.

Downloads are available at:
 * Source:

RPMs are available at or /fedora

Rubygem available at

Debs are available at

Mac package is available at

Please report feedback via the Puppet Labs Redmine site, using an
affected version of 1.1.2:

## Hiera 1.1.2 Bug Fixes ##

(#18214) Update gem dependency to json_pure from json

    As the json gem requires ruby-dev, gcc, and other tools to install via
    rubygems, this commit changes the dependency to json_pure for
gems, which will
    lessen the dependencies required for install, as json_pure is pure
ruby, with
    no compilation required.

(#17087) Fix backend key in hiera.yaml

    Previously the hiera.yaml that is laid down in packaged installs
used 'backend'
    instead of 'backends' which means that hiera falls through to the
default yaml
    backend, as no 'backends' key exists in the config. This commit fixes the
    hiera.yaml file to use 'backends' instead.

## Hiera 1.1.2 Changelog ##
Jeff McCune (1):
      0eaa709 (Maint) Make Hiera operate with /dev/null config file

Matthaus Owens (8):
      483f58b Add quantal to default cows list in build_defaults.
      8439326 Remove fedora 15 mocks from default mocks in build_defaults.
      fa794bd (#17087) Fix backend key in hiera.yaml
      9937977 (maint) Handle lack of RSpec::Core::RakeTask gracefully
      3d8785c Update Hiera VERSION to 1.1.2-rc1
      1fd1466 (#18214) Update gem dependency to json_pure from json
      a9c0e14 Update Hiera VERSION to 1.1.2-rc2
      89c0a32 Update Hiera VERSION to 1.1.2

Sharif Nassar (1):
      ee341f7 Spelling.