Announce: Hiera-Puppet 1.0.0 available

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Announce: Hiera-Puppet 1.0.0 available Matthaus Litteken 8/28/12 3:32 PM
We are happy to announce Hiera-Puppet 1.0.0.

It includes Puppet functions for hiera and also the puppet backend for
hiera lookups.

Downloads are available:
 * Source
 * Apt and yum repositories
 * Apple package
 * Rubygems

It includes contributions from the following people:
Andrew Parker, Gary Larizza, Hunter Haugen, Jeff McCune, Kelsey
Hightower, Ken Barber, Matthaus Litteken, Nan Liu, Patrick Carlisle,
and Will Hopper

See the Verifying Puppet Download section at:

Please report feedback via the Puppet Labs Redmine site, using an
affected version of 1.0.0:

## Hiera-Puppet 1.0.0 Changelog ##

Andrew Parker (1):
      89cde8d (Maint) Create a test for the puppet backend

Gary Larizza (2):
      894a7a4 Fail if a lookup key isn't passed
      927de1f Add test coverage for hiera_hash()

Hunter Haugen (1):
      632457e Rubygems is not required to use hiera

Jeff McCune (5):
      def41d5 Add watchr script
      d840325 (Maint) Use PuppetlabsSpec::PuppetSeams.parser_scope
      88c5f9a (Maint) Fix mock error with hiera module
      7ac4a54 (Maint) Fix missing spec_helper lines in some tests
      84b4d11 (Maint) Rename PuppetlabsSpec::Puppet{Seams,Internals}

Kelsey Hightower (8):
      48bfccb (#14461) Remove Puppet parser functions
      a042de4 Revert "(#14461) Remove Puppet parser functions"
      01e9122 (maint) Follow Puppet Labs style guide + code cleanup
      95d7058 (maint) parser functions do not require hiera.yaml
      8a49eab (maint) Add acceptance tests
      bdb8563 (#15184) Refactor parser functions
      9ab901f (maint) Hiera Puppet now has a LICENSE file
      44bc7cb (#15105) Update README YAML examples

Ken Barber (1):
      2df319a (#14124) Load rake tasks directly to fix tests for Ruby 1.9.x

Matthaus Litteken (17):
      cb721c5 Add mac packaging to hiera-puppet
      64b7375 Move conf to ext directory
      4101d02 Add debian packaging for hiera-puppet
      470c5c8 Add Redhat packaging to hiera-puppet
      5adc454 Add package task to tasks
      1138e65 Updating CHANGELOG for hiera-puppet 1.0.0rc1
      378a1a2 Tweak debian packaging
      9c23e9d Remove puppetlabs_spec_helper require from root Rakefile
      8e4e76a (maint) Replace .should on blocks with .to
      2fa4251 Update hiera-puppet package tasks
      c686adb Update debian package task to handle orig version
properly and use the correct directory name when building.
      416f098 Update hiera-puppet hiera dependency to ~> 1.0
      1b2a5d1 Update CHANGELOG for 1.0.0rc2
      0fbdd62 (#15291) Add Vendor tag to Hiera-Puppet spec file
      fd3fe17 Add hiera_puppet.rb to debian, redhat packages, fix gem
version dependency
      962453f Updating CHANGELOG for 1.0.0rc3
      62492ba Updating CHANGELOG for 1.0.0, changing hiera dependency to ~> 1.0

Nan Liu (1):
      eb800e4 (#12037) hiera-puppet should support hash values.

Patrick Carlisle (4):
      dbdda00 (#12122) Use nil as default answer in lookup
      7a458a4 (#14841) Give useful error for array or hash lookup failure
      d76a9d8 (#14841) Add test for hiera_hash parser function
      b166328 (#14841) Add test coverage for remaining hiera parser functions

Will Hopper (1):
      5e516ee Update Debian packaging rake task to correctly create
the orig.tar.gz
Re: Announce: Hiera-Puppet 1.0.0 available llowder 8/29/12 6:12 AM

On Tuesday, August 28, 2012 5:32:56 PM UTC-5, Matthaus Litteken wrote:
We are happy to announce Hiera-Puppet 1.0.0.

That is good news, however, doesn't this rely on hiera 1.0.0?

Any word on when that will be out of RC and a final release will be ready?
Re: [Puppet Users] Re: Announce: Hiera-Puppet 1.0.0 available Matthaus Litteken 8/29/12 10:07 AM
It does rely on Hiera 1.0.0. We'll be cutting one more rc of Hiera
this week and if that goes well, Hiera 1.0.0 will follow the week
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Matthaus Litteken
Release Manager, Puppet Labs