Multiple-parameter binding in where() -attempt 2

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Multiple-parameter binding in where() -attempt 2 Sander 7/28/11 7:22 AM

I am creating an advanced query using Propel, due to some irrelevant
reasons it is better to use Propel rather than creating a custom query
and afterwards calling the Formatter.

Somewhere in my code I need to add a Subquery which checks some
values. I've searched a lot for a solution but was unable to find one,
maybe this is due to my inexperience with Propel (if so, my
The code:
                        select ID
                        from iAccommodation_Has_Attribute AHA_HAC
                        where AHA_HAC.Accommodation = iAccommodation.ID
                        and AHA_HAC.AttributeType = :attrType
                        AND AHA_HAC.Value LIKE :value
                )', param??);

The problem:
I don't seem to be able to use named parameter binding and even
without this Propel doesn't seem to be able to handle my parameter
Unfortunately I have to use parameter binding due to the query
complexity and corresponding performance hit.

The question:
Is there some way to add an subquery with multiple paramaters as where
Access to the prepared statement would solve my problem but is
impossible because it won't be generated until find(). (and it is not
really a solution, rather a hack)