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Exception handling Smedrick 2/6/12 11:52 AM
I'm having an issue with Pony 1.0 where it seems to fail (in an epic
fashion) when passed faulty send_to email addresses.  My app is
managing large lists of email addresses, maintained by users.  I parse
through the list and send of the email with Pony.mail inside of a
begin...rescue.  When a bad boy comes through (something like
user@gmail ...no ".com"), my whole task grinds to a halt and the rest
of the list doesn't get processed.  Am I looking for functionality
from Pony that doesn't exist?
Re: Exception handling Ben Prew 2/6/12 12:04 PM
What's the error you're receiving?  You probably want to wrap the call
to Pony in a begin/rescue block.  I'd guess it's an exception bubbling
up from Net::SMTP or Mail.



Re: Exception handling Smedrick 2/6/12 1:48 PM
That's part of the problem, I get no error...just a halt.  If Pony is passing off bubbled exceptions, perhaps something underlying isn't configured to be whiny...it is a production server, after all.  Thanks for the tip, I'll do some tests straight with Mail to see if it's behaving properly. 
Re: Exception handling Ben Prew 2/6/12 3:10 PM

That sounds interesting, what does something like:

rescue error e
   warn $!
return (where mail is substituted for your actual mail call)


Re: Exception handling Ben Prew 3/15/13 10:24 AM

An example would be something like:

Pony.mail( to: 'b...@dole.com', from: 'bi...@dole.com', subject: 'Test
message', body: 'This is only a test')

You can see more examples on the pony page:


On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 10:27 PM,  <ankit.v...@pragtech.co.in> wrote:
> return (where mail is substituted for your actual mail call)
> means what exactly will be here.. Plz tel me the answer
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