Fwd: Legislative Town Hall Meeting in Liberia an update on budget discussion

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Fwd: Legislative Town Hall Meeting in Liberia an update on budget discussion Andrew Mandelbaum 8/7/12 6:37 AM

Please find the attached project report by NAYMOTE in Liberia, which outlines the organization's efforts to bring MPs and citizens together for town hall meetings on the national budget. One takeaway from the report:

"Most importantly, in all of the town hall meetings, the participants outlined
the need for the budget to be more specific to enable
the citizens to track and monitor its implementation
process. They recommended to their legislators that in
future, citizens must be allowed to contribute not only
to the budget review process but to its initial
development as well."


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Date: Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Subject: Legislative Town Hall Meeting in Liberia an update on budget discussion
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Dear Andrew:

With support from the Open Society  Initiative for West Africa
(OSIWA), NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development has organized
five town hall meetings bringing together over 400 participants from
five electoral districts earmarked in Bong, Margibi and Grand Bassa
Counties.  This component of  the  OSIWA  funded  project  is
designed  to empower citizens with adequate  information on national
planning, budgeting and decision-making  processes  and  thereafter,
the information  would  help  citizens  develop  the necessary  tools
to  track  and  monitor  the  budget implementation process once  it
is approved by  the National Legislature. Please find attached an
update with photos.

 On August 1, the institution ended a series of Legislative Town Hall
meetings in Kakata City, Margibi County with 150 participants from
Electoral District Numbers 3 and 4, actively engaging their respective
lawmakers. The meeting was facilitated by three panelists including,
Hon. Ben A. Fofana of District # 4, Hon. Stephen Kafi,  Jr of District
# 3 both Members of  the 53rd National Legislature and Mr. Jasper
Cummeh, Senior Policy Advisor of AGENDA, a pro-democracy civic society
organization. The panelists discussed the topic: Promoting Citizens’
Participation in the Budget Process: Is the Budget Citizens’ Focused?
How Can Citizens Track  and  Monitor  the  Budget Implementation
Process? What Are The Roles of Key Actors within the Budget Process?
These  accompanying  questions  provided  additional  insight  to  the
participants  on  how  significance  is  the  national  budget  to
national development and why it is paramount to have the voices of
citizens to be represented in its development and subsequent

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