Reflections on Week 3

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Reflections on Week 3 Grainne Conole 1/15/13 6:45 AM
Review and reflect on Week 3's activity and identify the progress you have made in your design this week. Questions you might like to think about include:
  • What are the benefits of these visual representations?
  • Did they help you to think more creatively?
  • What representations did you find more useful?
  • Do you think it would be useful to share these views with students?
Re: Reflections on Week 3 Jonathan Vernon 1/16/13 1:00 AM
I'd love to offer some guidance on presentation - basic media training and some lessons in 'vision mixing'. Worth thinking about as I find the unnecessary flicking between screen sizes irritating and the ums and ahs and hesitations are painful. :( In this instance an edited transcript is going to be far more palatable. 
Re: Reflections on Week 3 Ebba Ossiannilsson 1/29/13 7:35 AM
  • What are the benefits of these visual representations?
  • Week 3 has been very innovative and creative, I have learned a lot, and learned to think soemwhat more innovative and creative. I especially liked the 7 C and the  tool box
  • Did they help you to think more creatively?
  • Yes, indeed, but you need to laborate a lot , and paly around with it. For this week I could just get an overview
  • What representations did you find more useful?
  • 7C and teh toolbox and the  ind mapping
  • I hae also during this week learned a lot about cloudworks
  • Do you think it would be useful to share these views with students?
  • Yes indeed, I think this part of teh MOOC def can go into a course on leanring design with students
Re: Reflections on Week 3 Ida Brandão 1/29/13 9:47 AM
For a visual learner like me I enjoyed to explore all LD tools and apply some to my project. Perhaps the creative part was to try other diagram tools such as Gliffy to structure my project in  UML and workflow diagrams. 
 I liked Course Map in particular.
I think that LD methods and tools are useful for any teacher to plan learning units and/or resources. 1/30/13 12:28 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Reflections on Week 3 Bob Ridge-Stearn 1/30/13 12:34 PM
1 - One of the benefits is in the production of the representation - in the thinking about and discussing it.  The visual end products are useful too - a picture's worth a thousand words.
2. - more creatively than what?  Yes, creating them was creative. 
3. Liked the Map and the Activities profile as they were clear and easy to understand.
4. Both representations mentioned in 3 would be useful to students so they could get a good understanding of their course.

Other thoughts on week 3 in my blog - 

Best wishes,
Bob R-S
Re: Reflections on Week 3 Kelly Edmonds 1/31/13 7:44 AM
I really enjoyed working with these tools. I have used them in past course developments (I follow Grainne's work faithfully!) but felt your guidance this week helped me to work deeper with the tools. I, too, am very visual and I think these tools are perfect for collaborating with others in the development of learning and teaching.

Thanks again, Grainne, for openly sharing your and your teams ideas and resources.

Re: Reflections on Week 3 Jane Nkosi 2/1/13 4:40 AM

My reflections of week 3

In this entry I look back at the learning process I went through in week three and the challenges I had. The week was very engaging with interesting tasks. I was able to try out different tools for my learning design.

What are the benefits of visual representations?

Representations are a window to the learning design. They allow the designer to analyse each aspect of the design process. I found that the visual representations helped me to decide on the content and a suitable pedagogical approach to deliver that content. I was also challenged to think about the resources that will not only enhance my design but provide useful learning pathway.

Did they help you think more creatively?

The representations were an excellent way of enhancing creativity. As I was moving cards around, producing the course maps and analyzing the activity profile, I debated a number of issues from pedagogy to implementation of the design.

What representation did you find most useful?

All the representations were useful each at different levels of planning. However, I was drawn more to the “course map at a glance” and the pedagogy profiler. The course map helped me think about what I was asking the students to do and how the environment provided needed support for students to carry out activities. With the pedagogy profile I could see the balance between activities and time allotted to the activities. By so doing I am able to balance the students’ workloads.

Do you think it would be useful to share these views with students?

Students are the main stakeholders in teaching and learning. Sharing some of the views with them would help them understand why they are asked to do certain things.

My plan for week 4

In week 4 I intend to:

·         Revise my design

·         Learn more from the designs of colleagues

·         Find out about pedagogy patterns.


Re: Reflections on Week 3 Penny Bentley 2/1/13 6:48 AM
Wk 3 had me thinking a great deal about creativity ... Here's my blog post 2/1/13 12:37 PM <This message has been deleted.> 2/1/13 12:38 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Reflections on Week 3 Julie Pisano 2/3/13 3:32 PM
Review and Reflect on Week 3's activities
My Reflection and Summary of activities completed this week can be found at:
  • What are the benefits of these visual representations?  They have enabled me to develop a clearer view of the program being developed to share with my Line Manager for feedback and confirmation.
  • Did they help you to think more creatively?  Yes, I continue to think in different ways about this program and have found the tools very useful in supporting and guiding this thinking. 
  • What representations did you find more useful?  I completed the "Course Features Cards" and "Course Map".  For this program I have not used the Activity Profile as it is not relevant for this project, however I can identify other projects where this would be relevant
  • Do you think it would be useful to share these views with students?  I do, particularly when evaluating a program I think it would be very useful to share this information and gather feedback about whether your design has achieved what you set out to achieve from a student's perspective ... particularly for some projects.  I think that I could expect there to be some mis-match between my intentions and students experiences, but I do think for some programs this would provide excellent feedback to support improvements to program delivery.
Another excellent week for me with great tools to support learning program designs that I will use in future.