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Announcing Flotype Bridge Darshan Shankar 4/20/12 7:32 PM
Hey folks!

I'm one of the creators behind NowJS, and I wanted to give you guys an
early look at our latest technology, Flotype Bridge.

It's somewhat like NowJS, but with a much bigger scope, You can do RPC
communication between many different languages (for now, just JavaScript
Browser, Android, Node.js, Ruby, Python, and Java). We've got a ton of new
stuff coming out include Objective C for desktop and iOS apps, and more!

Check it out at

We just posted it on HN as well, upvotes appreciated :-)


Darshan Shankar
Re: [NowJS] Announcing Flotype Bridge AntonP 4/20/12 9:06 PM
Finally! So excited.

--from Anton's iPhone
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Re: [NowJS] Announcing Flotype Bridge We Burn It 4/21/12 12:01 AM
Huge brilliant man!--
Hoài Ân
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Re: Announcing Flotype Bridge stefa_n 4/21/12 12:19 AM
I'm a bit confused about the by-hour-pricing. With NowJS I write the
code for client AND server and I can run the server on my own.
But the licensing for Flotype Bridge implies that I do the client only
and Flotype takes care of the serverside.
Is this correct?
Re: [NowJS] Re: Announcing Flotype Bridge Darshan Shankar 4/21/12 5:30 PM
NowJS was a simple module that you would run a node.js server, where you would also write your server-side application logic.

Bridge is a set of servers by itself, composed of message queues, gateways, and smart subsystems that help route messages, manage socket connections, transports, and contains a lot of logic. With the Bridge Public Cloud, you don't have to run your own Bridge servers. We run them and operate them for you. You still have to run your app servers somewhere (like EC2).

You could also license Bridge and run them on your own servers or datacenters. This is meant for larger deployments, usually by enterprise organizations, where latency and performance is an issue. Latency between the Flotype Bridge Public Cloud to your app servers could be 50-100ms! This is fine for most applications, but in some scenarios, it's cost-effective and more performant to to run the Bridge servers alongside your app servers in your own data center.

Darshan Shankar
Re: Announcing Flotype Bridge RylandAlmanza 4/22/12 8:14 PM
What other languages do you plan to support in the future?
Re: [NowJS] Re: Announcing Flotype Bridge Darshan Shankar 4/22/12 8:31 PM
We've released javascript (node.js and browser), ruby, python, and java (server and android) libraries.

In the next week, we will release an Objective C library for desktop Cocoa and iOS apps.

In the coming month(s), you can expect libraries for C/C++ (even for embedded devices), C#, Scala, Erlang, and more.--
Darshan Shankar
Re: Announcing Flotype Bridge RylandAlmanza 4/23/12 2:17 PM
Cool. I'm looking forward to the C/C++ libraries. I plan on making a
haXe binding. I've been making a game with nowjs, and firefox and ie
users complained about performance because websockets weren't
supported as well as they are on chrome. So I've been looking for a
way to make a client for people who don't use chrome, and this looks
like the perfect solution!
Re: [NowJS] Re: Announcing Flotype Bridge N. Morse 4/24/12 8:10 AM
@RylandAlmanza, Funny that people would not just install chrome.
I mean its too bad-- you will have custom build  a client  and deal
with all the installation details and updates to it, while Chrome *is*
already that install-able client.

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Re: Announcing Flotype Bridge RylandAlmanza 4/24/12 1:37 PM
Yeah, it's definitely interesting. People are so adamant that their
browser is the best browser that they're more willing to force me to
make a client than to just install chrome. One user I talked to
actually already had chrome installed, but said he didn't like chrome,
so he wouldn't play my game until there was a client!