Update on tournament registration - Capital and Peninsula opens phase1 on 10/11 7:30pm

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Update on tournament registration - Capital and Peninsula opens phase1 on 10/11 7:30pm jillw - Playing At Learning 10/7/12 10:48 PM
Update on tournament registration for Northern California November qualifiers:

Tournament Registration for  "phase 1 eligible"  in the Capital and Peninsula districts will open on Thursday October 11th at 7:30pm pacific.  There will be a yellow box on the top right of the home page with the words, "Register for Qualifier"  that you can click on the norcalfll.org site which will take you to the registration page.      Teams that are in these 2 districts will be enabled to register if they are eligible.   Note that registration is based on team number - please make sure that you type in the correct number.

Note that both districts still are confirming a few additional tournaments, so if you want to compete in one of the pending (aka unconfirmed) tournaments, I would recommend waiting until it gets confirmed and "shows" up as a selection on the registration page.  There is no way to move around - so once you pick and get placed into a tournament, that is what you get.  The registration process is immediate - once you click submit, the team is assigned into a tournament.  The confirmation page that comes up is the actual assignment of the team into a tournament.

If we get a few more tournaments confirmed in the Silicon Valley and East Bay districts this week,  we might be able to do those as well and I will send an email out if this is the case.  

If your team did not complete their prerequisites in time for phase 1 registration, it is not too late!      Phase 2 will open after phase1 - likely within a week after the phase 1 opens (on a district basis).

Not sure what all of this means - ie what is phase 1 or phase 2   - this article explains:   http://www.norcalfll.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=265:2012-tournament-registration-process&catid=59:2012-senior-solutions&Itemid=61

In all cases, if you wish to compete in Northern California in the 2012 "Senior Solutions"  season,  this means that your team must finish 3 prerequisites AND then be enabled to register  (ie pick a specific tournament).     All tournaments that you can select are in November on 1 of 4 dates:  November 10, 11, 17, or 18.    The prerequisites are described here:   http://www.norcalfll.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=264:2012-norcal-tournament-pre-reg-process&catid=59:2012-senior-solutions&Itemid=61

Overwhelmed - give a call and we can help explain or answer your questions.


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