node-webkit v0.2.6 is released

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node-webkit v0.2.6 is released Zhao Cheng 9/25/12 1:41 AM
Hi everyone, it has been two weeks since last release, and you may be
surprised to find our change log is short. That's because we're
working on a new native UI library, which will give you ability to
create native menus, tray icons and many other things, it would need
quite a lot of work to implement, so please be patient :)

See for downloads.


* Update to v0.8.9.

* Fix error with spaces in path.
* Implement window.focus and window.blur.
* Fix support with three.js.
* Fix devtools' debugger.

* Better handling of .nw files.

* Fix javascript dialogs.
* Fix OpenSSL in native modules.

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