node-webkit v0.2.5 is released

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node-webkit v0.2.5 is released Zhao Cheng 9/10/12 12:52 AM
Hello everyone, in this release we have shipped with support for some
important features.

The first one is getUserMedia API, which let you manipulate with
camera and microphone, see our document for details [1], and you can
also open this online camera demo [2] in node-webkit and see what you
can achieve with getUserMedia API.

The second one is our support for file dialogs, to make node-webkit
apps open all kinds of file dialogs, we have done some small extension
on WebKit, see [3] for the usage. And there is also a guide on how to
directly drag files from other applications into node-webkit, see [4].

The last one is new nw: protocol which is similar to about: protocol
in Chrome, currently you can open nw:version to see your node-webkit's
version. See [5].

* node-webkit's version is added to process.versions

* Support getUserMedia API
* Implement file select dialog
* Add `nwdirectory` and `nwsaveas` attribute for <input type='file'>
* Add new nw protocol, having nw:blank and nw:version now
* Context created by has node's symbols now
* All DOM operations don't need to be user gesture now
* Add window.title for manifest file

* Fix crash when using devtools on some machines

Mac & Linux
* Fix issues with node native modules

Windows & Linux
* Implement file download dialogs


Intel Open Source Technology Center
Re: node-webkit v0.2.5 is released 9/13/12 7:17 AM
File upload dialog works fine on Mac(10.7), thanks for your great work!

Is there any plan to implement FileSaver interface?

I use FileSaver.js( for browser backward compatibility and get the following error in node-webkit 0.2.5:] Not implemented reached in void content::ShellDownloadManagerDelegate::ChooseDownloadPath(int32, const DownloadTargetCallback &, const FilePath &)

Re: [node-webkit] Re: node-webkit v0.2.5 is released Zhao Cheng 9/14/12 2:57 AM
The FileSaver is not implemented in Chromium now, so I'm afraid we'll
not implement in near future.

But the good news is that node-webkit does provide support for various
file dialogs, see our Wiki page [1].

To open a File Save dialog, add a input tag:
<input type="file" nwsaveas />

then generate a click on it open the dialog, and you can listen to the
change event to get the file you chose. Details are in the Wiki.

The error from FileSaver.js is caused by absence of file downloading
dialog on Mac, I'll fix it in future.