1.1.5 released with some important bug fixes

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1.1.5 released with some important bug fixes christkv 8/29/12 8:20 AM
1.1.5 2012-08-29
- Fix for eval on replicaset Issue #684
- Use helpful error msg when native parser not compiled (Issue #685, https://github.com/aheckmann)
- Arbiter connect hotfix (Issue #681, https://github.com/fengmk2)
- Upgraded bson parser to 0.1.2 using gyp, deprecated support for node 0.4.X
- Added name parameter to createIndex/ensureIndex to be able to override index names larger than 128 bytes
- Added exhaust option for find for feature completion (not recommended for normal use)
- Added tailableRetryInterval to find for tailable cursors to allow to control getMore retry time interval
- Fixes for read preferences when using MongoS to correctly handle no read preference set when iterating over a cursor (Issue #686)