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PHP Developer Job Opportunity with Ben Ramsey 9/10/12 12:26 PM
I'm passing this along to the group as a favor. Interested parties should send resumes to Dave Sobotka:


We are a collaborative, cooperative team. We will assist you in making it successful. Our current team is small.  We know our business.  We know software.  And we love new ideas.

We are looking for a smart, capable individual with minimum 1 year of experience and preferably 2, who knows:

Required Proficiencies:
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Web Site & DB setup & maintenance

You will be working independently as a contractor at first. If all goes well we look forward to hiring you full time. We will expect a lot.  You will achieve a lot.  It will be fun.

The job is not just to build a website.  The current site can give you some ideas about what we do, but don't think that it is what we are planning for the future.  These are challenging, back-end database and knowledge driven project. Internet savvy is required to build out the integration of multiple data feeds, API’s, dynamic inventory modeling and much more.

If you love to work hard, are reliable, know a lot but you’re not dogmatic, can independently create complete systems, have broad knowledge of everything web, have achieved in the past, and looking for opportunity to achieve again, then contact us for an interview.