Fall 2012 Updates to MTA Bus Time API's

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Fall 2012 Updates to MTA Bus Time API's Michael Frumin 10/8/12 10:04 AM

MTA Bus Time Developers,


Please see the changes forthcoming to the MTA Bus Time developer APIs described here: http://bustime.mta.info/wiki/Developers/ChangeLog


In some ways, the second of these 2 changes may be more critical to read and think about for your applications in the near term.   When we launch the Bronx this fall, we will be covering routes from both of our bus GTFS data sets (that with agency_id = “MTA NYCT” and with agency_id = “MTABC”).  Since they share the same space of stop ID’s, some configuration changes are required to handle this gracefully on our end (for both users and developers).   The implications of these changes for developers are described on the ChangeLog page linked above.


The other change is something we can do for you with minimal effort because of our use of the OneBusAway software.  We’ve discussed it in the past on this list, but also coming soon is the “discovery” API.  The relevant links are available from the ChangeLog page.  With this API, your apps will, in many cases,  be able to integrate with MTA Bus Time without even needing to load or process the baseline GTFS files at all.


Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.




Re: Fall 2012 Updates to MTA Bus Time API's John Paul N. 11/10/12 10:49 PM
Now that the MTA has formally announced the Bus Time program in the Bronx: http://www.mta.info/news/stories/?story=867 I want to thank Mike Frumin and his team for the rollout. Two things I'd like to point out: 1, Bus Time was working since bus service was restored after Sandy. 2, the press release mentions the apps that use Bus Time. I haven't seen that before. Thank you so much!

So now, do we have a timeline as to when the rollout will begin in the remaining boroughs?
Re: Fall 2012 Updates to MTA Bus Time API's Sam Vermette 11/12/12 7:09 PM
Any chances NextBus updates their API with these new routes as well?
NextBus system now available for the Bronx Mike 11/13/12 8:12 AM
Developers have been asking about if/when NextBus data might be available for the Bronx system. The good news is that it now is (along with Staten Island and one route for Brooklyn). This means you can have your apps tell passengers how far the bus is away in minutes instead of in distance. We have found this type of information to be extremely popular with passengers. Predictions should already be reasonable and they should improve over the next few days as we gather more GPS data.

The documentation on our API is available at www.nextbus.com/xmlFeedDocs/NextBusXMLFeed.pdf .

For example, to see a list of routes configured for the Bronx you can use http://webservices.nextbus.com/service/publicXMLFeed?command=routeList&a=bronx .

The Bronx passenger information is also now available on the NextBus website at www.nextbus.com/?a=bronx

Michael Smith
RE: [MTAdev] NextBus system now available for the Bronx Michael Frumin 11/13/12 8:37 AM
Mike, thanks, great news!

You mention the BX and SI and "one route for brooklyn" but there are in fact 2 routes in brooklyn (B63 and B61) as well as 2 routes in Manhattan (M34-SBS and M34A-SBS).  May want to add those as well.


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Re: NextBus system now available for the Bronx Sam Vermette 11/13/12 1:12 PM
Excellent! Thanks for listening Mike!
Re: Fall 2012 Updates to MTA Bus Time API's Joa 2/22/14 12:00 PM

On Monday, October 8, 2012 10:04:32 AM UTC-7, Michael Frumin wrote:
Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.


When calling NextBus web services (example: http://webservices.nextbus.com/service/publicXMLFeed?command=predictionsForMultiStops&a=bronx&stops=BX3%7Cnull%7C100157&stops=BX3%7Cnull%7C100191&useShortTitles=true), I found the following statement included in the response this morning:
"NextBus plans to shut down our prediction pages for the MTA in the Bronx.  We've been providing this service at no cost.  Please email ...@nextbus.com if you'd like us to continue providing this service."
So the obvious question: What's going on?