MPIR Git repository -- corrected

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MPIR Git repository -- corrected Bill Hart 11/25/12 3:21 PM
MPIR has switched to using Git. We are using Git very much like
SVN with most development happening in the master branch.

The repository is found here:

Below is a (hopefully corrected) list of instructions if you wish to
contribute as a developer on *nix or Windows:

* Create your own personal GitHub account (free) on
if you do not have one. (Click the "Sign Up For Free" button at the
upper right, and follow the instructions.)

* Fork my copy of the MPIR repository by going to and click the "Fork" button in the
upper right.

* If you plan to use Git For Windows:

----- install it by going to and clicking
the Download button in the upper right, run it, following the

----- clone your MPIR GitHub repo in Windows, i.e. in GitHub
For Windows sign in to GitHub and click on your GitHub repo and
click the "->clone" button. This clones it to your local machine. To
see the actual files, go to the local repository, go to "Tools" in the
upper right and click "Open in Explorer"

----- add my repo ( as a "remote". To
do this, go to your local repo, go to "Tools" and then "Open a shell
here" and type:
git remote add bill

* If you plan to use *nix git:

------ git clone mpir

------ cd mpir; git remote add bill

The second last step in each case is equivalent to the svn checkout
procedure and creates a copy of the repository on your local machine
in the mpir directory. The last step just connects it up to the main
repo (mine).

You are now ready to begin contributing to MPIR using Git.

The four main differences between SVN and Git that you have to
remember are the following:

* trunk in svn is called master in git. Most developers will work in
master. (Branches are possible just like svn, but you'll need to learn
more about git to do that.)

* after doing git commit (similar to svn commit) there is an extra
step required to make your commits public, namely: git push. This
pushes all your changes to the public repo. You can make as many
commits as you like before you make them public with git push. Unlike
svn commit, git commit only makes commits to your local repo, not to
the public one. The extra step, git push, takes them all the way to
the public repo. To do git push in Git For Windows, simply go to the
local repository and click "sync". All the changes will be pushed to
the public repository.

* To keep up-to-date with the main development repo, you have to,
every now and again do: git pull bill (this is the equivalent of svn
up). To do this in GitHub For Windows, go to your local repo
and go to "Tools" and then "Open a shell here" and type:
git pull bill master

* Other users do not automatically get your changes unless I merge
them into the main repo. For that, you have to tell me when you have
pushed changes to your public repo. I will then merge them into the
main development repository. (Users can pull directly from one
another, but you need to learn more about git to do that.)