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Mozilla and Public Policy - Draft Framework 9/26/12 2:10 PM
Over the past few years we've become more engaged in public policy issues driven by proposed legislative and regulatory actions that threaten core tenants of the open web. These threats are global in nature and manifest themselves in national legislative bodies, judicial venues, trade organizations, and international treaty setting bodies among others. After engaging in a number of policy issues such as SOPA, ACTA, DNT, jailbreaking, and further seeing a forecast of "more rain" we set out to craft a draft framework that could guide our approach on these issues.

The framework is not meant to be exhaustive nor be a detailed roadmap by any stretch of the imagination, but rather directional in nature. Hopefully it's a level set and creates a common point of reference for our community. As time goes on, we'll naturally iterate and develop the ideas further. At this point we want to test it, incorporate feedback, and see if the approach makes sense.


Some key assumptions that inform the framework are:
•        Tech policy can help or hurt the web
•        Key attributes of the open web that need to be nurtured and protected
•        All tech policy issues are not the same
•        We can make a difference
•        The nature of the threat will dictate different kinds of responses
•        We remain a project that is primarily focused on building stuff
•        Don't build what already exists
The framework reflects our current thinking and should answers key questions like:
•        What's the goal? What are we trying to protect?
•        Can we make a difference?
•        Why do we get involved?
•        When do we get involved and when don't we?
•        How do we engage?

If you want more color on some of these ideas, take a look at either of these presentations where we have begun discussing the broader notions of threats to the open web.

* Open Forum Europe summit presentation by Mitchell Baker

* World Economic Forum presentation by Gary Kovacs

* FISL 2012 presentation "powerful v. empowered" by Harvey Anderson



Re: Mozilla and Public Policy - Draft Framework Nukeador 9/27/12 1:32 AM

Thanks for the update.

I would like to get more context on "Don't build what already exists", it's
not clear to me what's referring to.

Rubén Martín (Nukeador)
Mozilla Reps Mentor
Re: Mozilla and Public Policy - Draft Framework Tanguy Ortolo 9/27/12 6:34 AM, 2012-09-26 23:10+0200:
> Framework:

I think it would be far better to put this framework on an open download
platform. This one requires to register to download it, which is not
exactly what I would call open. Any regular Web server would be

As a more general comment, I would suggest running the following command
against this framework:
    $ sed -i -e s/Web/Internet/i

In cleartext: I think it would be more relevant to advocate for an open
Internet rather than just an open Web. Some Internet service providers
are already turning into Web service providers that greatly restrict
access to Internet services other than the Web, and this is a huge step

Re: Mozilla and Public Policy - Draft Framework 9/27/12 12:13 PM
Thanks for the comments.

1. Internet v. Web. We'll adjust language to reflect Internet v. web.

2. We will find a spot for download without registration as well.

Re: Mozilla and Public Policy - Draft Framework 9/27/12 12:13 PM
On Thursday, September 27, 2012 6:34:22 AM UTC-7, Tanguy Ortolo wrote:
Re: Mozilla and Public Policy - Draft Framework 9/27/12 12:18 PM
Great question. There was more text on this originally but we deleted it to make it crisper, but looks like we lost some of the meaning. The point is that there are lots of existing policy advocacy organizations around the world who are focused on policy advocacy and analysis 100% of the time. Thus, don't build what already exists. We don't need to recreate their work. Today, we consume alot of their work product already to figure out what's going on. There are also advocacy groups on the ground running various campaigns. So our goal is to help those groups and make sure that what we "build" in the non-code sense, provides incremental value or accelerates the existing efforts.
Re: Mozilla and Public Policy - Draft Framework 9/27/12 12:18 PM
On Thursday, September 27, 2012 1:32:38 AM UTC-7, Nukeador wrote:
Re: Mozilla and Public Policy - Draft Framework Gloria Meneses 9/27/12 12:59 PM
For me is Ok, but I think is necessary to have a detailed level,  maybe
could be great to have a Governance meeting to speak about this and define
details and specific points.

I suggest this because I am part of Mozilla reps program, actually I am a
Council member and I have some mentees. Two of them are working on policy
and Internet governance too and they are very confused about Mozilla's
position and  when they can speak as Mozilla reps in Internet governance
field. Is very frustrating to have not idea about details, they have too
many questions and I have not clear answers. I had not an answer for
questions like:

   1. Can I introduce myself as Mozilla Rep in an Internet governance event?
   2. Can I introduce myself as Mozilla rep in a political meeting, in the
   congress, or government entity?
   3. Where Mozilla Stops and my opinion starts?
   4. How can Mozilla support my fight against censure laws in my country?

But  we have a  framework and this is great!  I am very happy for your
support and desition to participate in Internet governance.
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> governance mailing list

Gloria Patricia Meneses
Mozilla Reps Council Member
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