Build system brown bag - soliciting input

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Build system brown bag - soliciting input Gregory Szorc 11/5/12 3:22 PM
I have scheduled a brown bag on the future of Firefox's build system. It
is tentatively scheduled for November 29 at noon Mountain View time (I
would present earlier but MozCamp and US Thanksgiving are conspiring to
prevent many from attending).

My primary goal of the talk is to spread knowledge about everything
that's going on and why the planned changes (some would call them
radical) are needed and how we arrived at them versus alternatives.

If you have a topic you'd like addressed or a question you'd like
answered, please jot them down at [1] and I'll try to incorporate them.
(That link also includes a rough outline of the presentation if you want
a preview.)

I'll send out more details and a confirmation of the time in a few weeks.


Re: Build system brown bag - soliciting input Axel Hecht 11/6/12 3:19 AM
There's a long-standing request from the l10n community to have a subset
of the tree to work on. If we could limit the amount of files that go
into the build system itself, that'd be great.

I'm holding back on that request for now as I have no idea how I'd test
that at least the l10n side of our builds works on a subtree, and that a
hg convert still does the right thing.