MongoDB NFS safe?

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MongoDB NFS safe? Joseph Friesen 1/4/11 7:26 AM

I'm using MongoDB for archiving some log files and it does not exactly
demand high performance. I was wondering if it's safe to host mongod's
data files on a NAS (NFS filter) mount, as this is what is most easily
available in my corporate environment. My impression is that many
databases are not safe on NFS (BDB being one) and I can't seem to find
any information about MongoDB on the web regarding this. I realize
performance will suffer terribly, but I don't really mind, so long as
it's stable.

Re: MongoDB NFS safe? roger 1/4/11 8:26 AM

There should be no issue with this, there's a number of people who
run mongodb on a NAS without any issues, performance should
actually be just fine.

Re: [mongodb-user] Re: MongoDB NFS safe? Scott Hernandez 1/4/11 12:27 PM
The biggest problem is that some filers don't support the exclusive
locking type needed in the dbpath directory. If this is a problem it
will be very apparent as the server won't start.

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