MongoDB 1.5.7 - 1.6RC2 Released

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MongoDB 1.5.7 - 1.6RC2 Released Eliot 7/30/10 4:10 PM
MongoDB 1.5.7 - 1.6RC2 is out and ready for testing.

We needed to squeeze one or two more release candidates in before
1.6.0 to clean up a few loose edges and make sure 1.6.0 is rock solid.
1.5.7 is out today.   There will be a 1.5.8 Monday or Tuesday and then
1.6.0 should be next Thursday.

Replica Sets and Sharding had many issues fixed in 1.5.7.
We greatly appreciate any help with final testing.

Change Log:

For issues with this release - please report to or mongodb-dev