PHP Driver version 1.3.0beta1 released

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PHP Driver version 1.3.0beta1 released Derick Rethans 8/16/12 12:25 PM

We have just release version 1.3.0beta1 of the MongoDB driver for PHP.

This is a new major release, which has a rewritten connection handling
backend. It has been rewritten to form a new, improved framework for
handling connections. On top of this new framework, we have also
implemented support for read preferences, which are a new feature in
MongoDB 2.2. The new framework no longer has the concept of a connection
pool, but instead make sure there is only one connect per
host/port/db/username combination.

We also have introduced some deprecation notices for features and
methods that are going to disappear in version 2 of the driver, which we
plan to release before the end of the year.

New major features in this release to support the MongoDB 2.2 release:

- Support for the aggregation framework through the aggregate() helper.
- Support for read preferences and read preference tags

Known issues (to be addressed before 1.3.0):

- Authentication has not been implemented it, so this release will only
  work for installations without authentication enabled.
- Support for connections to multiple mongos nodes is not implemented yet.
- It has not been tested on anything but Linux.
- It only works for PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4, but we will add support for PHP
  5.2 too.

The source for the extension can be found at

You can either download and install the source manually, or you can
install the extension with:

  pecl install mongo-alpha

or update with:

  pecl upgrade mongo-alpha

If you find any issues with the driver, please file them in our JIRA at

with kind regards,
Hannes, Jeremy and Derick