Reactive model and scaling

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Reactive model and scaling Lior M 11/2/12 1:18 PM

This is a copy of a post I've put in Stackoverflow

if anyone here could help us get the answer, would be great


We are evaluating Meteor for our new generation of enterprise-scale system. One of the amazing built-in features is that every data model in the client is bound to the model in the database and is updated once the server updates. but I'm concerned about the scalability.

What would be the architecture needed to invalidate millions of connected users?

I guess the basic question is how the database is bound to the model on the server and client. Extrapolating more, let's say we have multiple webservers running, and one database. Is it supported? If so, how? If anyone could describe the underlying technology that made it happen, it would help a lot.

I guess this could be a general question for scaling of any web app that uses a reactive model. First, that's true - and any discussion on that is great, too (what's the best design to implement that?).

Second, specifically with Meteor, as it seems more monolithic (in the sense that "everything is done for you"), we are looking for some more visibility to help us see inside (without reading the whole code base) and help us decide.

many thanks, Lior

Re: [meteor-core] Reactive model and scaling David Glasser 11/5/12 2:09 PM
The short answer is that: if Meteor doesn't scale, any other work we do on the platform will be wasted.
The current implementation of the database connector is essentially the original draft of database connector code. It works great for development now, and we're going to make sure that it works great for large scale improvements soon.

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Re: [meteor-core] Reactive model and scaling Richard Feldman 11/6/12 5:50 AM there any kind of ballpark timeline on that? For example, should we expect any scalability updates to minimongo by the end of 2012?