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1.4.14 up Dormando 7/30/12 2:37 PM

http://memcached.org - come n' get it.

Again, I slacked for a few months off of the monthly cuts. We'll see if
that stops again. I've also dropped the -rc process. That would be great
if we had a network of dedicated users who would help test before -final,
but nobody ever does and we always find any bugs in -final. So I'm
skipping that process and just doing what I normally do. We have a good
buildbot network now so there shouldn't be major surprises on
platform-specific build issues.

This release is mainly a bugfix rollup, along with a small refactor of the
slab page mover. It can now be highly aggressive if desired.

Still needs more work, and I'd love to hear further feedback on ideas.
Probably the next release will add more tunables for the automover

I'm really hoping to have large item support in the next cut, which will
do two things:

1) Allow arbitrary item sizes (large ones will suck more for obvious
reasons, but if you want a 500 meg item you will be able to do it).

2) Allow enabling slab reassign by default. Slab reassign requires all
pages to be 1mb aligned, so anything larger than 512k wastes a bit of
space. Large items will be "chunk chained" (heh), so the page size can be
reduced to 512k or even 256k.

So we'll see what happens in a month!