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a new journal for MapInfo Professional users Tom 4/4/12 7:54 AM


Hello Listers,


Just a quick note to say that we have launched a new journal for MapInfo Professional users.  This journal is full of tips, tricks, advice and best practices to help all of you be more successful with the software.  We will hold the occasional contest, solicit contributions from the community and try to have a little fun along the way.  I even have a small budget for the occasional prize!


You can see the first issue and subscribe by clicking here.







Tom Probert, EMEA Product Marketing Manager

Pitney Bowes Software

Minton Place, Victoria Street 

Windsor, Berkshire  |  SL4 1EG



Re: [MI-L] a new journal for MapInfo Professional users richard....@gmail.com 4/4/12 7:20 PM

Thanks for allowing us to subscribe if we choose, to as opposed to
automatically subscribing us, and then allowing us to un-subscribe, as
is so often the practice lately. I'm always annoyed at having to
un-subscribe from lists that I never subscribed to in the first place.
And I did subscribe to 'The MapInfo Professional".

Best regards,

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Richard Greenwood

RE: [MI-L] a new journal for MapInfo Professional users Tom 4/14/12 1:14 PM
Hello Rich,

You're very welcome.  I intend everything about this journal to be of a high standard and high value to MI Pro users.  I think it is very important to know that all of the people who have subscribed have done so because they want to.  

We are hard at work on the next issue. We will have another great article from Peter Moeller and we'll introduce Emil Zegers to everyone in this issue. We will also hold our first contest (with a couple prizes).  

We will publish the next issue on April 30th.  Thanks to everyone who has subscribed so far!

        - Tom