A tip for smaller .gcode files

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A tip for smaller .gcode files Eureka 11/16/12 9:29 AM
I have had so much problem whith gcode files getting to big to show up in replicatorG. Some models i just had to give up on, because they had to many curves over a too big of a size, to fit in a gcode file, small enough for replicatorG to handle. But just the other day, i found a semi-solution.

In the skeinforge slicing profile, go to the "Export" tab and under the category "Export operations" tick the "Gcode small" choice. This will reduce the file size by quite a bit, hopefully just enough to let you get that big fractal vase, or whatever, started. Also, the gcode is much nicer to view without all the reduntant code on each line.

Just a Tip.

If any of you have more tip on how to circumvent this problem with replicatorG and Gcode file size, please share with us! :)
A tip for smaller .gcode files Doogiekr 11/16/12 4:43 PM
On windows its because of the memory alloted to Java... I have a fix for it on my machine but unfortunately I dont know how to fix it in the code for others to use. Its something I am working on but my coding skills are VERY rusty...
Re: A tip for smaller .gcode files Charlie Prevost 11/16/12 5:02 PM
this is weird because I had this very problem this morning (a reasonably complex gear, that I had multiplied, made 100MB gcode which would break in RepG)

thanks for the tip, will definitely be trying it.

Cheers Charlie