CometActor using Html5

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CometActor using Html5 jsu 11/14/11 10:50 AM
Hello, I am trying to get Comet to work with html5 markup. I can only
get the default render to show up. Are there any samples of html5
CometActor markup? In my sample below only "Testing comet!" shows up.

<div class="lift:CometExample"></div>

package code.snippet

import net.liftweb.http._
import net.liftweb.util._
import net.liftweb.http.js.JsCmds.{SetHtml}

import scala.xml._

class CometExample extends CometActor {
  def render = {
    <section id="cometId">Testing comet!</section>
  def render(in: NodeSeq): NodeSeq = {
    <section id="cometId">Default render...</section>
  ActorPing.schedule(this, Message, 10000L)

  override def lowPriority : PartialFunction[Any,Unit] = {
    case Message => {
      partialUpdate(SetHtml("cometId", <section id="cometId">Updated!</
      ActorPing.schedule(this, Message, 10000L)

  case object Message
Re: [Lift] CometActor using Html5 David Pollak 11/14/11 11:00 AM
In order to invoke a CometActor, you must use the Comet snippet:

<div class="lift:comet?type=CometExample"></div>

Re: CometActor using Html5 jsu 11/14/11 11:09 AM
Thanks, that worked. I also found out you have to be in the code.comet

package code.snippet  -> package code.comet