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Meet this week Steve Denheyer 3/31/13 7:31 AM
When:  Tuesday Mar. 12, 8pm
Where: Tim Hortons, 26 Dundas Street (the entrance is on Victoria street) - look for the paperclip sign

Topic of discussion TBA.

See you there!
Re: Meet this week Steve Denheyer 4/1/13 5:32 PM

Saran has suggestion we discuss lukeprog's post:

First, identifying tasks or goals that have been languishing on our todo lists for far too long. Second, bucketing them into three categories (low expectancy, low value, impulsiveness) mentioned in the post or create more categories. Thirdly, figuring out ways to solve them and perhaps utilizing external reinforcement from LW members.

We could discuss these points on Tuesday (2nd April), and just like the Flight/Fight/Freeze response observation week (last week), implement a "How/Why/When am I procrastinating and how did I beat it" self-observation week from 2nd-9th.