Windows 8 and WinRT

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Windows 8 and WinRT Adron Hall 10/30/12 1:48 PM
An easy set of questions:
  1. What should a Windows 8 UI enable - anything specifically? Should we aim for extensive Windows 8 support with Windows 8 specific features?
  2. What should a Win RT UI enable - same question, just oriented for the limited WinRT version which could prospectively be offered through the Windows Store.
Re: Windows 8 and WinRT ian.f.davis 11/4/12 7:34 PM
Does it make sense to have a WinRT app when the user of that machine can only work with the tiled interface? What is the use case for someone with a glorified iPad deploying an app to the cloud? I don't think that they can really have the app folder sitting on their drive to publish (perhaps a shared drive).

Re: [ironfoundry] Re: Windows 8 and WinRT Adron Hall 11/5/12 12:25 PM
Yeah, on mobile and tablet applications doing deployments for most frameworks is out of the question. Node.js is one of the only ones that might reasonably be deployed from a device like that. Otherwise the intent would be to create a purely management oriented interface on those devices.

As an example, check out the UX designed called Happy Clouds by Kristen Mozian

The UX works through the situation of push alerts and other things that would be useful in a management situation for a PaaS Environment.

Adron B Hall
Iron Foundry Project

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Re: [ironfoundry] Re: Windows 8 and WinRT 11/7/12 8:53 AM
Right, I guess there are situations where you might be able to use a cloud-based IDE like eXo or Cloud9 in a tablet browser - hell, a Surface RT can have a keyboard cover, so there's a chance that would work ok. I suspect primarily you're more likely to be doing stuff with monitoring, stop/restart etc though.
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Re: [ironfoundry] Re: Windows 8 and WinRT Adron Hall 11/7/12 3:50 PM
Yeah. I think if there is a chance that a mobile device would offer deployment, it would have to be a Win8 device at this point. There isn't even a clear way to get files on an iOS device in a logical or clean way.

Adron B Hall
Iron Foundry Project