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Pagination Yiseli 3/6/12 1:40 AM

These days I have some problems with the pagination. I'm trying to get
four to four items for a specific tag. If I search for items tagged
"nobits" with no count parameter (
), I get 11 results. When I try to get
only four of them (
) I get only 1 result.

If I try the "next_url" of the last request (count=4), I get two
results then three with the new "next_url". Last friday, when I looked
for "nobits" tagged items, I got no results. All this worked just fine
at the beginning of last week.

Can you tell me what's happen ? Do I miss a comportment ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.



Re: Pagination Mike Krieger 3/6/12 3:25 PM
Hi Yannick,

What's happening is that we're filtering out private users' photos at read-time, so you won't always get the full number of photos in the count. This may change in the future, but in the meantime, you can request a greater number and then filter on your end.

Mike Krieger
Co-founder, Instagram

Re: Pagination Yiseli 3/8/12 1:39 AM
Got it ! Thank you Mike.

Best Regards