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Some tags are missing Jérôme Mahuet 3/6/12 3:17 AM
Hi Instagram team,

As of today we detected some new errors on our IG web-viewer related to tags.
Some tags seems to be no reachable anymore — for example “iphone”.

Let’s take a look at what the API returns:

returns: nothing but we know this tag is heavily used.

"error_type": "APINotAllowedError",
"code": 400,
"error_message": "This tag cannot be viewed"

"error_type": "APINotAllowedError",
"code": 400,
"error_message": "This tag cannot be viewed"

List of tags which seems impacted:
  • iphone
  • instagram
  • iphoneography
  • popularpage
  • iphone4s
  • and more maybe…

Re: Some tags are missing Mike Krieger 3/6/12 3:23 PM
Hi Jerome,

We've stopped serving feeds (both in app and API) for some tags that were too generic and didn't provide enough end-user value; "iPhone" is one of them (as are the rest on the list).

Mike Krieger
Co-founder, Instagram

Re: Some tags are missing Jérôme Mahuet 3/7/12 12:35 AM
Hi Mike,

It makes sense, thanks for the information.


Re: Some tags are missing Anand Kumria 3/7/12 1:34 AM
Hi Mike,

How about returning a '204' in that case?

Request accepted but no content.

It makes more sense than a 400 response.

Also, are you able to publish a list of changes that are occuring /
will occur / have occurred so those of us developing against the API
can be kept abreast of what is going on?


Re: Some tags are missing Troy Gaul 3/7/12 5:10 AM
If you're not going to provide results for certain tags like this, does it still make sense to include them in the tags list on the media items at all (or would it be too hard to remove it from there)?

Otherwise, an app has little choice but to list these in a tag list for the photo and have the user get the (undesirable) experience of not getting content when they tap on it to try to see other photos with that tag.