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ETA on Faction Changers

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ETA on Faction Changers Brent Stires 11/19/12 3:10 PM
During my training, I ran into the apparently common problem of a premature Faction choice. I force quit like it told me to and then when I reentered the game, I could complete the training. Then I never got a faction choice. I finished training and I was Resistance. I'd really like to be Enlightened.

Is there a way to expedite the process or a time it takes to change it?

I really want to play this game but don't want my progress to be deleted so I'm waiting for the change.

Re: ETA on Faction Changers NianticOpsBernini 11/19/12 4:22 PM
Redeemer (+ others),

We're working on faction change requests as quickly as possible. Once you've been reset, you'll be asked to re-choose your codename and faction upon launching the app. We'll also let you know by email that your request has been processed.