Host Remapping and the Host httpheader

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Host Remapping and the Host httpheader powlette 1/28/10 7:06 AM
The Host Remapping is a great feature, but since it doesn't override
the Host header in the request, it doesn't work with CDN servers. For
example, if I make this rule:

and then visit "", I get google's homepage which is great,
but I see in the request that the request headers contain "Host:" which google apparently ignores, but when visiting a site
that hosts multiple domains with different host names, it no longer

Is there (or can there be) an option to not only redirect requests to
the remapped host/IP BUT ALSO remap the Host http header to match?

Re: Host Remapping and the Host httpheader EricLaw 1/28/10 7:20 AM
If you want to redirect a request from one host to another (rather
than redirecting requests from one IP to another as the Windows Hosts
file does) then you presently need to write a little bit of script to
do so...

    if (oSession.HostnameIs("")) { oSession.Hostname =
"" }

Or, you could type


in the QuickExec box.

Offering a way to add a parameter for each line in the HOSTS window is
an interesting idea.  It wouldn't match the syntax of the "real"
windows hosts file, but should be pretty easy to do.

Re: Host Remapping and the Host httpheader Rohini R 8/21/14 1:43 PM
I am a tester and trying to test my website using latest version of the code in the dev path .How to remap using the same domain but different path

For example I need to

Map from :
Host : tags/
path : 123/bootsratp.js

Map to :
Host : tags/
path : 123/dev/bootsratp.js

Can you please help me?
Re: Host Remapping and the Host httpheader EricLaw 8/21/14 2:08 PM
Rather than piling on an unrelated question, next time please add a new thread with your question in it.

There are many ways to do this. The simplest is to use the AutoResponder to rewrite your URLs. See the end of this post for details:

I don't know what "tags/" is supposed to be, since it's not a hostname. From the Fiddler Book:

Using RegEx Replacements in Action Text

Fiddler’s AutoResponder permits you to use regular expression group replacements to map text from the Match Condition into the Action Text. For instance, the rule:

Match Text

Action Text


…will map a request for to‌/123/dev/Test1.gif.