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blocked in china mattsly 3/10/11 10:41 AM
As of early last week, I lost all of my traffic from China, and
started getting tweets from users that they couldn't hit my site.

Indeed, it looks like all three Heroku proxy IPs are blocked by the
GFW ("Great Firewall"):

Not sure what we can do about this...just kind of an FYI for
everyone.  And a bummer.  Pesky geopolitics.

Here's the service I used to test btw...pretty cool:

Re: blocked in china marcel 3/11/11 8:33 AM
I wonder if the GFW blocks all Amazon EC2 IPs? It would make sense, to
reduce their workload playing whack-a-mole.

Everyone I know in China (3 people) use proxies to jump over the
firewall, and they make it sound like its a routine matter.
Re: blocked in china Andras Kristof 3/14/11 5:58 AM

Recently we had the same problem. Our application on heroku was
blocked in China.

The only solution we could find was to sign up for their IP-based SSL
service. That gave us an IP address that is outside of these three IP
ranges, and (as of now) is not blocked by the GFW.

You need to get a wildcard SSL certificate ($200/year from GoDaddy)
and the service itself costs $100/month.

But if you absolutely need to get unblocked, then this is the only way
you can accomplish it today.

Hope it helps.