dalli or memcached for memcache?

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dalli or memcached for memcache? Yuki Nishijima 8/17/12 12:34 AM

I'm planning to use memcache add-on but not sure what gem I should use. According to the documentation, dalli is 
recommended but I like to use memcached gem: https://github.com/evan/memcached because it's at least 2x faster 
than dalli.

My environment is Ruby 1.9.2-p290 and Rails 3.2.8. Both of the gems work fine on the environment.
Can anyone describe why dalli is better? or memcached has any problem on heroku?


Re: dalli or memcached for memcache? richard schneeman 8/17/12 5:50 AM
Dalli is written in pure ruby and should work across all implementations (jruby, etc.). It should also work across any future ruby upgrades. 

The client with native c bindings Is faster but would be harder to debug if issues do appear. Unless you are doing hundreds of thousands or millions of calls to memcache per day you likely won't notice the speed difference.

I prefer using Dalli.

Richard Schneeman

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Re: dalli or memcached for memcache? Yuki Nishijima 8/21/12 9:28 AM
I ended up using Dalli. Thank you for the advice @schneems!

# I also love your likeable gem. Thanks for the gem!