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Geo Chart Tooltip Christian Egli 4/27/12 7:07 AM
Hi volks

Im wondering if there is any possibility to change the tooltip text of
a google geo chart?

Re: Geo Chart Tooltip asgallant 4/27/12 9:22 AM
There are a couple ways of changing the tooltip text.  The first is to set the formatted value of your data points manually (using the #setFormattedValue() DataTable method), the second is to use one of the formatters on a DataTable column, and the third is to include a 'tooltip' role column in the DataTable.
Re: Geo Chart Tooltip Ingmar 9/11/12 11:08 PM
Hi there,

Would it be possible to not have a tooltip in the geochart?
I would like to show some info elsewhere onmouseover.

Re: Geo Chart Tooltip Sergey 9/12/12 9:10 AM
Hi Ingmar,

If you want to switch to 1.1 (google.load('visualization', '1.1', ....)), there is a new option for the GeoChart under the tooltip object. If you set tooltip.trigger to 'none', then no tooltips will be shown on hover.

- Sergey
Re: Geo Chart Tooltip asgallant 9/12/12 9:43 AM
You can disable the tooltips by setting the option enableRegionInteractivityfalse, which also disables clicking on regions.  The API does not expose a mouseover event for the geo charts, so if you want to do your own, you will have to hook the mouse events on the SVG/VML manually.  As far as I am aware, there is no good way to map an SVG/VML element to a DataTable element, though.

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