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Re: Save a stock screen JK 10/29/12 10:47 PM
I did finally figure out a way to do it from an old URL I had bookmarked but it is far from user friendly. For the first criteria you add a variable to the URL called c0 and which should equal the criteria name. You can add an optional min0 and max0 for each criteria's value range. The next criteria would be c1 and min1 and max1, etc. Example format ...

Of course you need the variable names for the desired criteria you want to add. To find those view the source code of the page in your browser and search for the text fieldToDisplayNameMap for the section containing all the variable names (values of c0, c1,c2, etc).

To add the region


Using one of the following values

us (United States)
cn (Chinese Mainland)
hk (Hong Kong)

To add the sector


Using one of the following values

AllSectors All Sectors
REUTERS_01 Basic materials
REUTERS_02 Capital goods
REUTERS_03 Conglomerates
REUTERS_04 Consumer cyclical
REUTERS_05 Consumer/Non-cyclical
REUTERS_06 Energy
REUTERS_07 Financial
REUTERS_08 Healthcare
REUTERS_09 Services
REUTERS_10 Technology
REUTERS_11 Transportation
REUTERS_12 Utilities

To add the exchange


Using one of the following values


To add the sort by


Use one of the criteria names as the value for the above variable.

To add the sort order


Use -1 or 1

So all together it might look something like the following of course with criteria names replaced.

Then bookmark it. I know this is a pain but I hope it helps if anyone wants to give it a try until Google bothers to fix this. 10/29/12 9:47 PM <This message has been deleted.> 10/29/12 10:00 PM <This message has been deleted.> 10/29/12 10:44 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Save a stock screen JK 11/28/12 10:35 AM
Strange, works fine for me. Please post the link you created and I'll see if I can figure out what the problem is.

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 8:22:07 AM UTC-8, Pea C wrote:
Doesn't work.

Dne úterý, 30. října 2012 6:47:32 UTC+1 JK napsal(a):
Re: Save a stock screen JK 1/10/13 10:56 AM
Your welcome Fred, glad it helped.

BTW, if anyone ever wants to temporarily change the min or max criteria form values after using this method, do it by changing the values in the URL instead of the form on the page as changing it in the form may add uneeded criteria and remove some of your own criteria columns from the table displayed.
Re: Save a stock screen JK 5/6/13 12:45 PM
Nice one Troy, always like ones that return very select results.
To assist those in creating a bookmark, I have listed below the criteria names so you don't have to view the source code of the page to find them. These are the names you would use for values c0, c1, c2, etc in the URL you want to bookmark as explained in earlier post. Each name is listed first with no spaces followed by a space and description which you do not use.

There were some that are in the source code but do not show up on the page - some work, some don't and prevent the results from loading so you will have to test those ones if you want to try any of them. They are listed below the normal ones in each section, tried my best to put them in the closest Google category.
ForwardPE1Year 1y fwd P/E
QuotePercChange Quote change (%)
PriceToBook Price to book
PriceSales Price to sales

QuoteLast Last price
QuotePercChange Quote change (%)
High52Week 52w high
Low52Week 52w low
Price52WeekPercChange 52w price change (%)
Price50DayAverage 50d avg price
Price150DayAverage 150d avg price
Price200DayAverage 200d avg price
Price13WeekPercChange 13w price change (%)
Price26WeekPercChange 26w price change (%)
NavChange Nav change
NavChangePercent Nav change (%)
NavPrior Nav prior
QuoteChange Quote change
Price1DayPercChange 1d price change (%)
Price4WeekPercChange 4w price change (%)
PriceToCashFlowPerShare Price to cash flow per share
PriceYTDPercChange YTD price change (%)
MarketCap Market cap
PE P/E ratio
ForwardPE1Year 1y fwd P/E
MarketCapRAS Mkt cap from RAS
MarketCapShareBasis Market cap share basis
NetAssets Net assets
DividendRecentQuarter Div recent quarter
DividendNextQuarter Div next quarter
DPSRecentYear Div per share (Recent yr)
IAD Div rate indicated annual
DividendPerShare Div per share
DividendYield Div yield (%)
Dividend Div from cash flow
IncomeDividend Income dividend
Financial Ratios
BookValuePerShareYear Book value/share
CashPerShareYear Cash/share
CurrentRatioYear Current ratio
LTDebtToAssetsYear LT debt/assets (Recent yr) (%)
LTDebtToAssetsQuarter LT debt/assets (Recent qtr) (%)
TotalDebtToAssetsYear Total debt/assets (Recent yr) (%)
TotalDebtToAssetsQuarter Total debt/assets (Recent qtr) (%)
LTDebtToEquityYear LT debt/equity (Recent yr) (%)
LTDebtToEquityQuarter LT debt/equity (Recent qtr) (%)
TotalDebtToEquityYear Total debt/equity (Recent yr) (%)
TotalDebtToEquityQuarter Total debt/equity (Recent qtr) (%)
ATAXRATE Tax rate (Recent yr)
ExpenseRatio Expense ratio
ShortInterestRatioPercent Short interest ratio (%)
TotalDebtToCapitalQuarter Total debt/capital (Recent qtr) (%)
TotalDebtToCapitalYear Total debt/capital (Recent yr) (%)
LTDebtToCapitalQuarter LT debt/capital (Recent qtr) (%)
LTDebtToCapitalYear LT debt/capital (Recent yr) (%)
Operating Metrics
AINTCOV Interest coverage
ReturnOnInvestmentTTM Return on investment (TTM) (%)
ReturnOnInvestment5Years Return on investment (5 yr avg) (%)
ReturnOnInvestmentYear Return on investment (Recent yr) (%)
ReturnOnAssetsTTM Return on assets (TTM) (%)
ReturnOnAssets5Years Return on assets (5 yr avg) (%)
ReturnOnAssetsYear Return on assets (Recent yr) (%)
ReturnOnEquityTTM Return on equity (TTM) (%)
ReturnOnEquity5Years Return on equity (5 yr avg) (%)
ReturnOnEquityYear Return on equity (Recent yr) (%)
Return13Week 13w return
Return156Week 156w return
Return1Week 1w return
Return260Week 260w return
Return4Week 4w return
Return52Week 52w return
ReturnDay 1d return
ReturnOnAssetsPTM Return on assets (PTM) (%)
ReturnOnAssetsQuarter Return on assets (Recent qtr) (%)
ReturnOnEquityPTM Return on equity (PTM) (%)
ReturnOnEquityQuarter Return on equity (Recent qtr) (%)
ReturnOnInvestmentQuarter Return on investment (Recent qtr) (%)
ReturnYTD Return YTD
Stock Metrics
Beta Beta
Float Float
InstitutionalPercentHeld Institutional percent held
Volume Volume
AverageVolume Average volume
BetaDown Beta down from RAS
BetaRAS Beta from RAS
BetaUp Beta up from RAS
GrossMargin Gross margin (%)
EBITDMargin EBITDA margin (%)
OperatingMargin Operating margin (%)
NetProfitMarginPercent Net profit margin (%)
EarningsAfterTaxes Earnings after taxes
EarningsBeforeTaxes Earnings before taxes
ANI Earnings after taxes (Recent yr)
CapitalGain Capital gain
ACOGS Cost of goods sold
NetIncomeGrowthRate5Years 5y net income growth rate
RevenueGrowthRate5Years 5y revenue growth rate
RevenueGrowthRate10Years 10y revenue growth rate
EPSGrowthRate5Years 5y EPS growth rate
EPSGrowthRate10Years 10y EPS growth rate
NextYearEPS Next year EPS
NetIncomeChangePerc Net income change (%)

Re: Save a stock screen Robert Mitchell 10/11/13 1:40 AM
A while ago I found somewhere on the web and have not been able to relocate it.  It involves being able to save screener layouts/results by use of a custom search entry that looks something like this:
[((exchange == "NYSEARCA") | (exchange == "NYSEAMEX") | (exchange == "NYSE") | (exchange == "NASDAQ")) & (change_today_percent >= 5) & (change_today_percent <= 300) & (last_price >= 1.0) & (last_price <= 20) & (average_volume > 0) & (average_volume <= 180000000) & (volume > 0) & (volume <= 150000000)]
I only know this because I tried it on that day and I have kept my browser window open ever since - I refresh the page whenever I need to.
Note the use of the criteria and the stock screener view that is displayed as a result.  Curious huh?  I wonder what other fields are available and what they are called.  Any clue?  I would sure like to know if any one has one (or some) ideas.  I was only interested in technical data back then, but I sould like to search for a list of stocks based on fundamental criteria - if I only knew the field names!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

On Friday, October 12, 2012 12:56:48 PM UTC-7, JK wrote:
The page below states that you can save ones stock screen by bookmarking the URL

but when I make changes to the screen the URL does not change from

so when I bookmark it in the latest Chrome after making the screen changes, it just bookmarks

which goes to the default screen settings not the ones I customized.

How can I save my screen details?
Re: Save a stock screen JK 10/11/13 6:35 PM
There is updated info in the newer thread below although some of the criteria names you posted for use in the search box appear to be formatted differently from the ones I posted that one can use in the URL to create a bookmark. For example instead of average_volume and last_price the URL variable is AverageVolume and QuoteLast. It would be nice to be able to create queries such as in your example as then one could include more than one exchange but not all which I have not figured out how to do using the bookmark method.
Re: Save a stock screen Karl Meissner 1/10/14 6:29 AM
Re: Save a stock screen JK 1/12/14 11:42 PM
Nice one, adding &sort=MarketCap&sortOrder=1 to the end of that URL might help you.
USE PRINT SCREEN to Save a stock screen Aaron in Toronto 1/20/14 9:15 AM
An easy trick for saving screen shots I've been using quite a bit is to simply hit the Print Screen ("Prt SC") on your keyboard and paste (just type Ctrl+V) into a basic visual application like "PAINT".  And, of course, one can then also easily crop and/or paint out any info you want removed. 

Works for all stock info I want to make records of.

On Friday, October 12, 2012 3:56:48 PM UTC-4, JK wrote:
The page below states that you can save ones stock screen by bookmarking the URL

but when I make changes to the screen the URL does not change from

so when I bookmark it in the latest Chrome after making the screen changes, it just bookmarks

which goes to the default screen settings not the ones I customized.

How can I save my screen details?
Re: Save a stock screen Robert Mitchell 1/16/14 10:28 AM
tried it - didn't work for the field names I tried (Symbol/Volume),
perhaps I have the wrong field names?
Note that I am not using Market Cap in my Technical intraday query, only
for my fundamental research...
> Nice one, adding &sort=MarketCap&sortOrder=1 to the end of that URL might
> help you.
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Re: Save a stock screen JK 1/20/14 1:45 PM
@Robert, following thread has most up to date field names, although the ones you tried look right.

Adding &sort=Symbol&sortOrder=1 to a screen URL looks like it sorts by company name instead so perhaps sorting by stock symbol is not possible.

Adding &sort=Volume&sortOrder=1 to a screen URL works fine for me. To see the actual volume though you will of course need to also add Volume as one of the criteria to the URL if you have not already .

Feel free to post or email me any URL that is not working as expected and I'll take a look.