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ERROR: NOT_FOUND tunguyenlam 3/17/10 10:59 PM
Hi all,

I have finished a test project for google app. But i met a problem:

when i run my project in local host ,run directly with Eclipse, it's
ok (Win Vista).
But when i deployed my project in Google App it only could run the
"index.html" file. with the other file it not found (ERROR: NOT_FOUND)

example: currently, i'm at index.html. I enter submit button to send a
construction. So, controller (Servlet) sendRedirects to test.jsp
file.  and the webpage displays : ERROR:NOT_FOUND

could somebody help me !!

Re: ERROR: NOT_FOUND heros 11/12/10 2:14 AM
It can be caused by lower/UPPER letter in your html file.
The engine is sensitive with lower/UPPER letter.
Let check web.xml with eXaCtly html:
<!-- Default page to serve -->

Good luck.

Re: [google-appengine] Re: ERROR: NOT_FOUND ashish jindal 11/12/10 4:51 AM
ERROR:NOT_FOUND is displayed when a give link to a file which is stored in another folder, why so?

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