The path to Go 1.1

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The path to Go 1.1 Andrew Gerrand 3/5/13 3:50 PM
Hi golang-dev,

Over the next month we should work toward preparing a release candidate, with the goal of releasing Go 1.1 RC1 during the week of the 1st of April.

At the beginning of February, Russ announced a design freeze: He said "new features or changes requested after today will be postponed to after Go 1.1."

I'd like to strengthen that message. From today, the only changes we - the Go contributors - should be writing and reviewing are those which address Go1.1-blocking issues. The list of blocking issues is here:

This means that it's too late for optimization CLs, and way too late for feature proposals. Please shelve these until after the Go 1.1 release.

Thank you everyone for your tremendous efforts! The finish line is in sight.

Re: [golang-dev] Re: The path to Go 1.1 Dan Kortschak 3/7/13 2:51 PM
This is one that I am interested in, and have looked for discussion
which might suggest a direction, but this seems lacking. In its absence
I have put together a CL that (although not 100% passing) could be a
start to the discussion. Unfortunately it has receiver very little


On Thu, 2013-03-07 at 14:03 -0800, wrote:
> encoding/xml
>     L     2771     encoding/xml: MarshalXML interface is not good
> enough
> -This seems to be a new feature/API, and no agreement on how to
> proceed.