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Automated filters run to a schedule Aidan 3/20/09 5:11 PM
I love the filters feature which enables me to sort e-mail from a
thousand different places, but I wonder if it would be possible to set
scheduled filters to run after a certain amount of time. I frequently
receive a large number of e-mails from a mailing list I'm on, but I
know that 60 or 70% are of no interest to me. As it is, if I leave it
a couple of weeks without marking these all as read, I can easily have
several hundred unread mails. Thus, I think a feature which could run
say every two weeks (the time being entirely user definable) to say,
for example,  "if an e-mail meet certain criteria ('from' address,
subject line, etc.) AND it's unread, AND it's two weeks old, mark it
as read." could be very useful for account maintenance.

Keep up the good work, Google labs is fantastic and Gmail towers far
above any online mail I've ever used. All the best.
Re: Automated filters run to a schedule Matthew Bernius 12/5/12 12:36 PM
+1 (to revive)

As I mentioned on the "New filter option: archive/delete after N days" thread, a lot of user requests (such as automatically archiving or deleting messages after X days) could be solved by enabling a filters to be automatically run. A minimum this should be allowed to occur (at a minimum) daily (at a specific time), weekly, or monthly.

This would enhance gmail's existing organizational tools (and, I suspect, provide some excellent data on how people opt to organize their email).
Re: Automated filters run to a schedule Rajiv Pant 12/21/12 8:14 AM
+1 Google, Any comment?

Re: Automated filters run to a schedule pete krunch 12/21/12 10:28 AM
Hi Aidan....
Google could care less if nobody erased anything.....  Once U hit a "magic gByte #..... the $$ counter get's turned on.
If U manually don't delete non-productive eMails, 

Secondly, I betcha' Google scans each and every eMail . . . . for subjects that users talk about, etc....
Why??? They get ideas for new subjects for advertisers to choose from when businesses choose to enter
into the realm of "AdWorld, ON GOOGLE.
Now they have U buying "CLOUD" space and businesses buying "AD CLICKS".
p.s. The "CLOUD" is NOT part of the Universe. It's black box data storage "drives" located on the same campus,
main parking lot, where googles "colored" bicycles are located. 

[I think it's great that google has accents and choices etc. for text. Never thought google would get that "flirtatious!"]How about U??

Only other eMail *.prg I used was OUTLOOK EXPRESS. It was a struggle of/with mouse clicks!
end end