1.0rc1 is available

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1.0rc1 is available Denis Bilenko 10/30/12 6:46 AM

I'm happy to announce that the first release candidate of gevent 1.0
is available.

There's been a huge number of changes, you can read the full changelog
here: https://github.com/SiteSupport/gevent/blob/master/changelog.rst
Download: https://github.com/SiteSupport/gevent/downloads

Please try it out and report any issues you have with it.

Thanks to Ralf Schmitt, Vitaly Kruglikov, Wil Tan, Aaron Westendorf.

Huge thanks goes to travis-ci.org team which provide an awesome
continuous integration service. Each gevent commit is now tested
across in various configurations and that ensures that the master
branch remains stable (you can watch it here:
https://travis-ci.org/#!/SiteSupport/gevent/builds). If you make a
pull request, it's going to be tested as well and please pay attention
to the report.

They accept payments and I encourage all of gevent users to donate
something (it can be as low as $1). See https://love.travis-ci.org/.

Re: [gevent] 1.0rc1 is available André Cruz 11/18/12 1:54 PM
On Nov 16, 2012, at 4:07 AM, Jordi Llonch <llo...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Is there a roadmap and a expected release date for 1.0?

Denis mentioned in his Codebits presentation that 1.0 final would be released by the end of November.

Best regards,
André Cruz