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i18n Files Miguel Madero 3/8/13 9:36 AM

AFAIR we used to copy the internationalization files from geddy/templates/ whenever we create a new app. Did this change for a reason or it might just be a bug? The validation error messages aren't coming up and i18n data and even the module i18n module isn't loading. Am I missing something? Is internationalization broken for everyone else (at least on new apps)? 

Re: i18n Files Matthew Eernisse 3/8/13 11:16 AM
I don't remember if we copied all the locales -- might be we decided to be conservative and not assume people want i18n?

The files are small though -- would probably be better if it worked OOTB, and it's probably worth considering if people wanted to add it after the fact, they wouldn't necessarily know where to look in the Geddy project dir for them.

Can you open a ticket, and maybe even fix it?
Re: [geddyjs:559] Re: i18n Files Miguel Madero 3/8/13 5:49 PM
I don't think we need to copy them, but I just want the default validation messages to show up OOTB instead of the horrible default "[[model.validatePresent]]". I had another quick look and it just worked, then I realized I tested it on my windows machine yesterday, so that seems to be the issue. I will have a look. 

IMO to keep the base app as clean as possible. In favor of discoverability we could add another command to cli or implement it as a plugin and copy the default templates only when needed. 


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