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Re: Empty Watch Window Sebastian Zartner 2/18/13 4:32 AM
Does this happen only on a specific URL? If so, could you post that URL?

Also, did you already check if that's not caused by another extension? I.e. did you already try that on a new Firefox profile with just Firebug installed?


On Friday, February 15, 2013 7:25:34 PM UTC+1, wrote:
I try to change a value for a variable in a script, but when I stop the script at a line with breakpoint, the watch window is empty. I am also not able to ad a variable to the watch window. right klicking on a variable and choosing -> Add Watch or entering a text in the "Add new watch expression..." field is with no effect.

Has anyone of you had this problem?

I am running a Linux Mint 14 and Firefox 16.0.1.

Best Regards and thanks for any help